How to get rid of things on mac dashboard

How to Remove Widgets on Mac

Your Dock will be restarted, and now Dashboard can no longer be accessed on your Mac. Well, that about does it for how to disable Dashboard on Mac.

how to delete/remove dashboard on mac (OS X)

Since I never use Dashboard, I have mine disabled. If you use any kind of third-party widgets on your Mac, this might be the only reason I can think of for you to keep using your Dashboard, but since most apps seem to be capable of doing things themselves, or information is shown in the Status Bar, Dashboard just seems useless in my honest opinion.

Never use Dashboard on your Mac? Would you like to add frequently used applications or documents to your Dock? If so, below are instructions on how to do this.

  • Remove unwanted apps and documents from your dock to free up room.
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Apple populates the Dock with items that they think, or want, you to use, but you can customize it to suit your own needs. You can add applications, documents or folders to the dock. Dock Basics The Dock is divided into two, disproportionately sized sections. Look for the dividing line which appears a little bit to the left of the Trash.

How to Remove Dashboard on Mac OS and Turn It Off

Aug 18, How can I remove widgets on macOS, OS X? Well, not to worry click the arrow icon in the lower-right corner of the Dashboard to to exit it. Just quit all the running widgets you don't use. Press the OPTION key while hovering the cursor over a widget. An "X" in a circle will appear in.

I prefer the notification area. Well, I hate dashboard — along with the notification center.

Remove Application Icons From Your Mac's Dock

I wish i could run the dashboard, but if I try to enable it, I get a flashing black screen, which is highly aggravating, that renders it unusable. Is there a way to address that problem?

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You are just leaving the Dashboard space , but the Dashboard processes remain active. I used to use dashboard but it seemed abandoned, for the most part.

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