Importar certificado digital mac os

How to Import and Export SSL Certificates in Mac 10.7

Certificados SSL Ayuda

Your SSL Certificate is installed. When the installer has finished, go to the Launchpad and open Company Portal. FortiGuard Service - February 6, Episode Remember that, if your version is earlier than If your recipient is listed on an LDAP directory service, such as the global address list GAL used by Microsoft Exchange Server, the recipient's certificate is published to the directory service and available to you together with other contact information. Se aplica a: Make sure that subject matches the name of the user certificate in the example, User

Close the Keychain Access application. Install Your Certificate Use the following procedure to install your server certificate onto your system: Launch the Server Admin tool and connect to the server where you want to install the certificate. Select the Certificates button from the toolbar at the top of the right pane: Select the item representing the certificate you have requested.

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Paste the text of your certificate into the field. Click OK. Click the Save button. Assign the Certificate to your Services After installing your certificate as well as the intermediate CA certificate, you can assign this certificate to the desired services Web, Mail, iChat, Open Directory, etc.

How do I install a digital certificate onto Apple Mac OS X?

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2. Installing the server certificate

For faster and more reliable delivery, add noreply quovadisglobal. When the Utilities window opens up, look for and click on the icon named Keychain Access. The Keychain Access icon is displayed below: Alternatively, you can open the Keychain Access by typing "Keychain Access" in the Spotlight search field at the top.

The Keychain Access Window opens up. Another window will appear.

In this window, you should browse to the. When you have highlighted it, select the Destination Keychain from the drop down list and then click on the Open button.

¿Cómo instalo un certificado digital Mac OS X?

A new window will appear requesting for the password for the certificate to be entered. Input the password and then press OK.

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If you use the Mac operating system with Safari, your electronic certificate should be installed in "Keychain Access" on your Mac. Start the app from "Finder". Problem How do I install a Digital Certificate onto Mac OS X Leopard (v)? Resolution To open Keychain Access, start by clicking on Go in.

When you put in the correct password, you will see that your certificate has been successfully installed along with the private key, the Intermediate Certificate and the Root Certificate. Article ID: June 11, at 9: