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How to Install macOS Sierra 10.12 on VMware?

Select the latest available version in the drop-down menu. Click Next to continue. Select storage. Select the datastore in which you want to store the VM files. The datastore40 is selected in this example. Click Next. Customize settings. Configure the VM hardware and the additional options.

VMware Fusion: Powerfully Simple

Define the following parameters:. Hard disk: Ready to complete. Now you can try to run the VM.

Make sure that the boot order is configured correctly, and that the VM is configured to boot from the DVD drive. The smc. In Configuration Parameters click Add parameter. Click to edit the new key and type smc.

How to install Apple macOS in VMware Workstation on Windows

Then click the value and enter 0 see the screenshot below. Another solution is to downgrade the VM hardware version to Power off the VM. Now power on the virtual machine and start installing Mac OS X After erasing the media, close the Disk Utility window. When you apply the unlocker patch for VMware Workstation, a darwin. If the darwin. Select the darwin. In this example darwin.

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The VMware Tools installation process is straightforward. Follow the wizard recommendations and click Continue to finish the installation. VMware Tools can help you to set higher resolution. Open the Launchpad, type terminal in the search field and run the Terminal. Execute the following command in the terminal to set the Full HD resolution:. VMware Tools are used to adjust the screen resolution in this case. Configured resolution is preserved after a VM reboot. You can also use VMware vSphere client a standalone application that is installed on Windows for this purpose.

Running a screen saver can consume computing resources when a virtual machine is idle. It is recommended that you disable any screen savers on the VM on which macOS is installed. You can do this with GUI. Select Screen Saver and set Start after: Furthermore, it is recommended that you disable sleep mode to prevent any possible issues and disadvantages for example if a time-consuming process such as copying files is running in background.

Open the terminal and disable sleep mode when idle by using the following commands:. After initially publishing this blog post, Mac OS X The logics are similar to the logics of installing the macOS Sierra explained above. In the current example, a machine running macOS Mojave is used for downloading the macOS Mojave installer to avoid using third party downloading tools. Notice that you need a full installer whose size is about 6. If after downloading the installer, installation starts automatically, cancel it.

After successfully downloading you can see the Install macOS Mojave. Open Finder and click Applications in the left pane of the Finder window to check the installer file. Make sure you have enough free space on your disk. Then take the following steps:. This can be done after the preparation of a bootable installation image of the ISO format with hdiutil , applying a free patch on an ESXi server and configuring certain VM settings. It is not recommended to install the macOS unlocker patch on ESXi servers that are used in production environments, in order to minimize the probability of any possible issues or negative impacts on production VMs.

One more problem When i connect an iphone via usb i cannot see it in vmware mac. What can i do so i can see my phone on the mac instead of the physical device? On reboot i get somne security warnings of the vmwqare tools but you need to allow it once per boot and than its fine. Great documentation! I got this error. Im using an amd am im pretty sure.

How to Install macOS Sierra Final on VMware on Windows

Power off or reset the virtual machine. I cannot boot into the system. I have an AMD Ryzen 3, thanks. Unfortunately, you can not install Mojave on AMD processors at least with this instructions. However, you are good to google it and share if you find how to do it. Oh, ok: Thanks for this guide! I need help though. I retried many times, but after installing VM tools and restarting, OS keeps lagging like crazy.

I tried like 20 times but nothing seems to work to let it run smoothly. What can I do? You mean in the VM settings under display? I set it to 1 monitor, max resolution x Both are super laggy. Hi, sorry for the previous response. I thought it as the problem is on VirtualBox. Apologize for that.

May I know do you have installed VMware Tools. Try the BeamOff fix? Hi Simone, Thanks for your patience. I have updated the virtual images specifically of only VMware. Check out the image and install it on your computer. Hope the problems go away. Let me know if the problems is solved. Hi Simone, Thanks for getting back. The images you mentioned is recently uploaded and is the updated image. Kindly download and try it.

Let me know. Hi Simone, Thanks for your feedback. However, you can try installing VMware Tools and if you have installed already, try reinstalling it. I suspect there is a problem with the VMware Tools, please try. When the person determines to keep playing the hands, they has to area a new bet that will be twice his ante guess. For those struggling to get this running under VMWare Workstation 12… When trying to add the vmdk file, I get the error:.

Adding this disk would make this virtual machine incompatible with older VMware products. Shorten the path and filenames. Hi Matt, Great, good to share it.

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I am really pleased with it. Thanks for the solution, you are great. Will be pleased to know another thing when you have found. Can we post Geekbench 4 scores to see the performance penalty in VM? Base machine i9 x, 12 cores at 4. SO at first this was fine but after shutting it down and increasing the processor and ram. Its failing to start.

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If you faced any problem tell us below by comment, feel free to say us. Select the datastore in which you want to store the VM files. Search Search for: Right click on macOS Build and test apps in a sandbox while securely sharing local source files and folders. Appreciate a response on this. This tool does not work with gettools.

Any advice would be appreciated. I have successfully setup the OS but it is not taking mouse or keyboard inputs. It stuck at the macOS installation page. Power off or reset the Virtuaal Machine. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. Our website is made possible by displaying online advertisements to our visitors. Please consider supporting us by disabling your ad blocker. Unlocker — Run win — install. New Virtual Machine Wizard. VM Hardware Compatibility. Guest OS Installation. Select a Guest OS. Name the virtual machine. Increase Processor. Increase Memory for VM.

Network Type.

IO Controller. Disk Type. Choose existing. Select an Existing Disk. Ready to create virtual machine. Open VMX with Notepad. Add Code.

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Power on virtual machine. Select Your Keyboard Layout. Transfer information to this Mac. Sign In with your Apple ID. Create a Computer Account. Express setup. Enable location services. Choose your look. Install VMware Tools. Destination Select. Installation type. Installation Successful. System Extension Blocked Error.

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