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Double-click the DisplayLink Installer Follow the prompts to install the new drivers. Restart the computer when prompted. Was this information helpful? Yes No. Email Newsletter Signup Email me the latest products, deals, contests and promotions. Sign up now! Terms Privacy Site Feedback. Who makes a good USB video adapter capable of between p and 2k?

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This software provides support for the DisplayLink enabled video outputs. The audio and Ethernet support is provided by native macOS drivers from OS version . DISPLAYLINK SOFTWARE – END USER LICENSE AGREEMENT. IMPORTANT - READ BEFORE DOWNLOADING, INSTALLING OR USING.

I'll have an answer to this in the next 10 minutes. My relationship with DisplayLink that has lasted years is within 48 hours of being over. Nothing personal, but this is simply untenable. Yes, blame a peripheral manufacturer for thinking that an update Dude, I get why you're upset. Your livelihood has just been hit by Apple. However, you should be blaming Apple for doing stupid shit like breaking your drivers in an update and then forcing you to have that particular point release to run an IDE.

You want proof that Apple is now firmly a cult? People would be howling from the rafters if Visual Studio updates required a highly particular set of bleeding edge patches from Microsoft to run. It should have been asked by any professional long ago what exactly their intent is to support ANY 3rd party. Between that and removing a headphone jack standard in favor of their proprietary bullshit, I will likely have nothing to do with them going forward.

Their arrogance has become too much for the professional world which demands a certain level of interoperability. Wake up professionals and stop giving them money. They clearly have little intention of supporting you in the long run. Wait, what? Funny how when Apple fucks up anything, their customers always start pointing fingers at Microsoft. Yeah, I'll have to agree with the previous post.

Excoriating Apple because their system doesn't work with some external monitor and saying Debian is better but. So, the problem with Apple is that it doesn't support some external monitors, and therefore Debian is better except it doesn't support some external monitors. Unless that was intended as irony? It does read like irony. On the internet it is hard to tell. If you want more than x and who doesn't? I just want 4K resolution at a I think even a 4: As far as I know Apple discontinued their monitor line. I don't know a single Apple who bought a display at the Apple store any more than I know anybody who bought their Bluetooth earplugs.

In all cases you can get better products from 3rd party suppliers. So will I, soon. Well, as soon as this [samsung. Your claim is that only Apple users are buying them? The release notes in the 'App store' aren't cut-and-pasteable, but they're replicated here: No mention of anything to do with DisplayLink the only 'display' related stuff is the addition of GPU support.

Most of the release looks like it's a Safari update one of the reasons I haven't yet applied it - it doesn't look important as I don't use Safari directly. I suspect that you and many others may be confused and thinking of DisplayPort instead. DisplayLink is a third-party company that I know as one that produces chips and drivers for use in USB devices that allows those devices e.

The whole setup was incredibly brittle and seemed as if it was built of top of a pile of hacks, since I had it stop working more than once in the few years that I was using it. Driver updates to my Windows partition would break it. Driver updates to my Mac partition would break it. My experience using DisplayLink products years ago was poor enough that I stopped using them as soon as it was practical to do so.

Blaming Apple is a deflection from the real issue: Reminds me of "you should be blaming Apple for doing stupid shit like removing the headphone jack and then forcing you to have that particular adapter to listen to your headphone". Apple releases beta and developer software updates WELL ahead of release and it's free.

I got this update in mid-January. If your vendor does something very low-level and can't be bothered to fix their shit in months, then the problem lies with the vendor, not Apple. Tunnel vision, caused by an abnormally passionate, visceral hatred of Apple. Yeah Apple screwed up, so does everybody, but there is a whole bunch of people here who should wipe the froth off their mouths, go to the doctor for a rabies shot and then get over themselves.

I've had Microsoft updates brick computers, corrupt databases, destroy large and important Office documents and I've had Linux updates mess up my file system, irrecoverably screw up several virtual machines , It's annoying but it happens, that's why we make sequential backups at frequent intervals.

People have this innate tendency to choose sides that just drives me nuts. If Stalin and Mao are in a fight, you don't make a choice to help one - you hand them dildos and laugh your ass off as they beat each other with them. So I've concocted a scenario where there is a zombie Stalin and Mao fighting, and the part that stands out to you is the implausibility of the dildos?

Welcome to Reddit,

I think this says more about you than me. That's why I made 2 separate Time Machine backups prior to doing the upgrade on Monday, even though I never had an issue. Funny how Apple also provides you with the tools to protect yourself. Does nobody understand this word anymore. No windows didn't "brick" your computer.

macOS Mojave fixes problems with DisplayLink multiple monitor drivers

You booted from some other media and it was functional. Bricked means you connected up a JTAG cable and reloaded firmware. If the OS is the only thing not working then it isn't bricked.

Previous DisplayLink Software Releases

Bricked means you can't even JTAG it. As long as there is a way in with software, there is a way to fix it. These days most of that is impossible through various safety measures both in firmware and hardware, you could technically still 'brick' a solid state drive by doing weird stuff with it. Paint it anyway you like it, but driver breakage of this level isn't to be expected on such minor update.

You can call it anti Apple BS, but this incident shows that development at Apple is a bit of a mess. According to the version number, it IS a minor update. The fact that Apple probably unwisely ignored their versioning policies and chose to roll out a major kernel-level feature in a software update doesn't change the fact that this is a software update, not a version upgrade, and software updates normally do NOT break things — particularly drivers.

The whole reason Apple users are so willing to blindly install every software update, but drag their heels on major version upgrades, is that the former are expected not to break things, and the latter often do. When things like this happen, it undermines the perception of Apple as a quality software vendor, and runs the risk of leaving users vulnerable to serious security flaws because they feared installing some minor update that would have fixed it. On the flip side, I looked into DisplayLink-based hardware a few years ago, and the sheer number of complaints about the drivers being badly broken [displaylink.

And they still haven't fixed those problems after what, four years?

Display Link Glitches in ProPresenter 6 with Mac OS version 10 12 4

So when I heard that it broke completely in a software update, my response was "must be Tuesday. So this is simply Apple doing a little ": The difference being, the Duet Devs. Sounds like the Beta Testers either didn't report this to Apple, or didn't encounter the failure. And that nobody at DisplayLink was tasked with bothering to test the pre-release of the OS. This is something that vendors do when OS updates come out - especially with ones known to contain updates specific to their area.

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More than zero? Displaylink isn't some little rinkydink monitor maker, they are the driver framework that something like They should test against Displaylink at the very least. It's only driver technology that has been around for a decode or so As for why have one of these monitors? Easy, only having to use one single cable since they are also USB powered. It makes it quite easy and clutter free to have a second monitor on the go. Even I can't play devil's advocate here. Their Mac drivers have been crap for many years. It is also relatively unsurprising that Apple didn't test their hardware.

To be blunt, we're rapidly heading towards a future in which the entire concept of tunneling video over USB no longer makes sense, and it already makes no sense when you're talking about computer-based operating systems, making these devices thoroughly legacy hardware. I assume that the chipset manufacturer recognizes this, and won't spend much time or effort trying to improve the quality of the drivers. IMO, the best thing they can do for their users would be to open source their entire driver and software stack so that people who still care about maintaining compatibility can continue to hack on it in their spare time.

In the meantime, they need to find a new niche if the company wants to stay in business long-term, because this niche is rapidly ceasing to have significant value in the marketplace.

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You can call it anti Apple BS, but this incident shows that development at Apple is a bit of a mess. Funny how when Apple fucks up anything, their customers always start pointing fingers at Microsoft. Easy, only having to use one single cable since they are also USB powered. Yes, contacted Apple support on two separate occasions and received two separate answers. My personal favorite, since it'll charge the machine too. As for why have one of these monitors? I ran the uninstaller, rebooted, and my second screen worked instantly, even remembering that the application bar should be attached to that screen.

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How are you connecting your monitor, via a USB adapter? I've upgraded from Mac to Mac over the years with Time Machine. It's possible I had the software from a millions years ago. It's all sorted now though! IconDaemon