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How to Recover Deleted/Lost Files from Seagate Backup Plus Portable Drive

You can directly change your Seagate external hard drive or other failed storage device to a new USB port or new computer to see whether your device is really wrong or not.

Optional Formatting and Partitioning

Please notice that you should identify whether your external hard drive, SD card, memory card or USB drive etc storage devices have the logical error or physical damage. If the drive or storage device such as Seagate external hard drive is logically damaged or has a logical error, you can directly follow the below-offered solutions to fix it and restore all data. If the storage device or devices are physically damaged, please take your device to a manual data recovery center for getting your damaged external hard drive repaired and data restored.

Here in this part, you'll find several methods to make or force failed Seagate external hard drive to show up in PC. If your device fails to show up or cannot be recognized by PC, just follow to get fix the failed Seagate external hard drive now:. If you need to directly get all data back now, you may jump to Part 2 to recover data from your failed storage device such as Seagate external hard drive.

  1. How to Recover Files from Seagate External Hard Drive on Mac.
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  5. How to recover files from Seagate external hard drive.
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  7. Restore/Fix Failed Seagate External Hard Drive without Losing Data.

If you want to try and make your Seagate external hard drive or storage device to show up and work again, you may continue with follow steps to change path letter of your drive:. After fixing failed Seagate external hard drive which fails to respond or react, you shall check whether you can access your data in the drive or not.

If you have lost some files or data on the drive, or still cannot access all the data in your drive, relax. Here you may try professional hard drive recovery software - EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard to directly get all your files and data back from your failed Seagate hard drive now:. By going through three short stages, you can easily find lost data on a Seagate external hard drive.

Part 1: The Best Seagate External Drive Data Recovery Software

If you want to use Backup Plus Desktop exclusively with Mac computers, it is recommended that you use the format native to the Mac operating system, HFS+ . Recover. Recover your files. Hard Drives. Browse internal drives. SSD Your Seagate External Drive may come with software so there may be additional ways to use your drive not Unless your drive says 'for Mac' on the front of the box then the drive will be formatted for Windows. How to backup and restore your files.

Step 1. Under the "External Devices", you should see the Seagate external hard drive showing up after it's correctly connected to your computer. Select the drive and click the Scan button.

Step 2. Soon, the software will find more and more data and display the data in the scan results.

Step 3. You can use the Filter feature to quickly locate some specific file types in the results. Select the target files and click the Recover button.

The Seagate Advantage

Lastly, the best way to keep you important data safe is always making a backup on your Mac or other storage media. This way will not only avoid data loss the most but also saves you money to recover lost Seagate data.

I need help now.

You can recover your data with Stellar Mac Data Recovery. All your seemingly lost files will be saved at your destination of choice. Photo Repair Repair multiple corrupt photos in one go. In the scanning result, choose the file you want to retrieve and select an output folder to save the files to be recovered. No matter if files are lost due to virus attack, formatting, corruption, deletion or some other reasons, if they are not physically damaged, this Seagate drive recovery software can help to retrieve them all quickly and safely. Choose the Right Drive.

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Seagate Data Recovery: How to Recover Data from Seagate External Hard Drive

Hard Drive Recovery 1. External Hard Drive Recovery 1. Recover Different External Hard Drives 2. Recover External Hard Drive for Devices 3.

Part 1. The Best Program for Seagate External Hard Drive Recovery

Recover Particular External Hard Drive 4. By Ivan Cook Dec 26, Free Download Free Download. Most Popular Downloads. Free Trial. But in order for the computer and drive to talk to one another, the drive has to be formatted. This article explains. Seagate internal drives must be formatted before use. Drives that will be bootable are formatted during the process of installing the operating system ie, Windows or MacOS. Drives that will be used for storage can be formatted according to the instructions below. Or, if you have a drive that is formatted for a different type of computer or a drive that is not preformatted, you will need to format the drive before you can use it.

Formatting erases all data on the drive. So if you are formatting a drive that has already been used, be sure to copy any files you will ever want to see again onto a computer or backup drive. For instructions on how to format your hard drive on a Mac, please reference the following links: How to format a drive in Mac OS In the pane on the left, under Storage , click Disk Management.